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Real Newbies is teaching students about generational wealth and financial literacy.

Charlamagne Tha God
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Kelly Brown Falardeau

We can confidently say that we fell victim to Fortune Builders this past September. We made the mistake of telling them we had $19k in the bank. We were dumb enough to hand over $15k because they sold us on a dream. They convinced us that we would be doing deals within a month and be true entrepreneurs within a year. We are in jeopardy of losing our home which is ironic because we want to get into Real Estate Investing. Thank you for hearing our story and a BIG thank you to Mike for all the advice and pep talks!

Twylyn Mason

Last night's session was the best intro for a potential Real Newbie Member! All content was detailed, professional, and informative! Although I am not new, I was impressed! Real Newbies sets you up to succeed and guides you along the way. Everyone in this group helps each other because we want everyone to win, not like other groups that tear people down or make you feel scared to ask a question! Also Real Newbies go beyond real estate unlike your average guru! We are being introduces to stocks, crypto, PPP loan help, how to market, how to set up your web site to make a potential client know you just don't want to buy their house but HELP! See how long that list is and that is not half of what Real Newbies is about! 🤯

Ron Perkins

I've talked with Mike on several occasions and always leave admiring his knowledge and demeanor. When you finish your 6 Week FastTrack Course, he has a plan for you. Whether a Real Newbie or in the business for awhile, he has a game plan for you and will hold you accountable. Let's Go!!!

Tonechia Dodd

I'm so thankful to Mike for his expertise and constant support. This group is amazing.

Khadijah Muhammad

I'm very excited to get into the business and actually have a purpose and plan for my daughter and future generations to come. I just want to thank Mike for reaching out when I needed the guidance. Good vibes only and it's only up from here.

Mark Jacobs

My first meeting with Mike was yesterday. I drove from Raleigh to Charlotte and it was worth the drive. I am very impressed with his responses to my questions and knowledge of the business.

Jamal Houpe

Mike is 💯 💯 💯% the truth

Monique Barley

I had an amazing session with Mike today, he is truly a genius!

Trice Harris

I had an informative meeting with Mike. Comps were the topic of discussion. I walked away with a good understanding of what details are important when deciding the ARV.

Natalia Moore

One on One session with Mike was phenomenal. Get your sessions in. I learned a lot.

Yolanda Moore

Today's sesion with Mike was very informative. Set up your session soon.

Travay Currie

I was getting sucked back into my job and wasn't actively working on my goals. After talking with Mike, I'm back and ready to get back on track.

Brandon Dollar

So, about 2 weeks ago, I was ready to throw in the towel. I posted about the struggles I was having, and Mike stepped in. He talked to me, found out my situation, and did something I thought was above and beyond... he ordered me 2 books that changed his life and mindset, paid for them and had them sent to my house.

If this doesn't bring value, I don't know what does. Who else would go out of their way and pocket to help out like this? Keep in mind, I have never met Mike in person, but he believes in his business, in his students and their success.

For those who are unsure about joining his mentorship, this alone, this show of character should be an eye opener to the person he really is.

We're getting in on the ground floor of what WILL be a fantastic network of people that we can turn to for any kind of question, situation, partnership... basically anything we will need for success.

Hope to meet some of you in the near future! Good luck!

Sharon Rogers

Just finished my One on One with Mike. I suggest you guys set your appointment with him. The nuggets that he gives are well worth it.

Angla Sadler

Before Real Newbies we had tried other mentors & it wasn't a good fit for us. You'll learn all you need to know through Mike. He's the real deal!

Lanique Lee

I really love how he breaks down everything. It's understandable.

Letron Brantley

“Since I've joined Real Newbies, they've been right there with me.”

Brandon Dollar

“I genuinely believe Real Newbies is helping their community from the heart.”

Twylyn Mason

"Real Newbies sets you up to succeed and guides you along the way."

Amber Williams

“If you're thinking about jumping into investing, please look into Real Newbies!”

Leland Boyd

"I appreciate the support from Real newbies. It helped me believe I could do this thing."

Ron Perkins

“Mike & Real Newbies has a game plan for you and will hold you accountable.”

Michelot Simon

“Mike is MY MAN! I've made more in a few months than I've ever made working HVAC.”

Real Newbies

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